One of the best ways to avoid any additional frustration during your Walt Disney Wold Vacation, is to ensure that you have everything that you need for smooth sailing right at your fingertips.  If there is anything I know, it’s the importance of being properly prepared for any surprises that may occur – and believe me – that can happen quite often. 

So whether you are travelling as a pair, with young children, or as a group – you will definitely need these must have items.  They have saved me time, headaches and money!!!

Begin by making sure to have a lightweight sturdy somewhat waterproof bag to store everything in.  I personally prefer bags that have two shoulder straps, with several compartments and zippers and easy access to my water bottle and phone.  I would recommend that you fill your bag before travelling, and carry it around the house for a while, just to be certain that it is comfortable (and that everything fits of course).  Another great tip; everyone in your party should bring their own bag to carry their own water bottles!  This avoids having to lug around a heavy bag all day long.  If you are travelling with young children who are out of strollers, lightweight drawstring bags are ideal for them. 

What’s in my Bag?

1- Sunscreen, Tylenol, and small 1st Aid Kit.

Yes, I know I grouped these 3 together….I consider them all safety essentials. The sun can be dangerous and the last thing you want is a sunburn. Although there are first aid stations located at the parks, having your very own Band-Aids, Tylenol, and alcohol wipes beats having to walk around looking for them.

2- Snacks and Water bottles.

There is so much to do and see at the parks, and sometimes we forget to stay hydrated. You can get free ice cold water almost anywhere in Disney World, and having your own water bottles saves you money. Packing a few snacks will keep you energized all day. I usually bring a few things like granola bars and gummies with me from home, and order fresh fruit, cheese strings and other goodies from and have them delivered straight to my hotel.

3- Portable Chargers!

You will be using your cell phone all day long –navigating the My Disney Experience app, taking photos and staying connected with other members of your travel group. That will drain your battery very quickly, and you don’t want to have low battery before the day is done. They do sell “Fuel Rods” at various park locations, however it would be more economical to purchase them beforehand.

4- Chaffing Stick/ Deodorant Stick

It is usually HOT in Orlando, (not counting winter months) and you will SWEAT!  This item has saved me from being very uncomfortable.  When you are walking on average 9 to 21 KM each park visit, you will be glad to have it  with you.  You’re welcome!

5- A Poncho and Freezer-type zipper bags.

It can rain at any moment, it happens to us on every single vacation.  Not to mention, there are several water rides that you will not want to miss.  You’re going to want to avoid walking around dripping wet.  Having a poncho handy is awesome.  You will also want to have some zipper bags to store your wet ponchos in once the rain stops.   I also use the zipper bags to store my cellphone and wallet when I am on those water rides and to keep things organised in my bag.

6- Wet wipes and Hand Sanitizer.

Well, I think this is pretty self-explanatory – especially if you have younger children (or sloppy eaters) with you. 

7- Re-Usable Straws.

All the straws in Walt Disney World are now paper, which is great for the environment!  But, if you are like me, and you hate sipping out of mushy gross soggy wet straws, I highly advise bringing a few re-usable straws with you.  

8- Light Weight Compact blanket.

Many of you might be wondering why this item is needed. However, if you have ever been to Disney World, and have had to stand in line with little ones waiting for the Parade or fireworks to begin, you know that more often than none, they will start to complain that their legs are tired, and they will plop their little bottoms on the ground. It is almost inevitable. Having a compact blanket will make it way more comfy for their little tushies (and for yours too).

9- A Sharpie!! (and your autograph book)

A Sharpie comes in very handy when you want to get your favorite Character’s autograph. And it makes is easier for Mickey and all his friends to sign your autograph book if they are holding something larger than a pen. You will also be glad you have your sharpie when you need to label items such as strollers, cups and personal items. If anything gets lost, it will be easier for members of the Lost and Found desk to locate your belongings.

Like my previous item – this one will be needed more once Character signings return (for autograph collecting)

10- Plenty of Masks.

I have not been to Disney World since October 2019 – prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, so I have never actually had to pack this item before. Having clarified that, you best believe that I will be packing several masks for our next visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. It will be important to have a few masks accessible to change into – I definitely do not want to be wearing the same mask all day every day. (Store dirty masks in your trusty zipper bags after use) I would encourage you to try different masks prior to your trip and have a variety at the ready.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me for more suggestions on what to pack to save you from asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that”? I’d love to know what’s in your bag, please share in the comments below

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